Sterile Empty Vials and Everything you Need to Know About Them

Sterile empty vials are used in medicine for a great many applications. Whether it’s the transport of a highly reactive liquid medicine or the collection of bodily fluid for testing. Sterile vials are integral to the practice of medicine itself.

Even outside of medicine in the other sciences, they have value, such as in mycology or anthropology. Disciplines where the collection of samples in the field or collection of cultures require a small yet sterile environment to collect or grow microorganisms for future testing and examination.

Even in tattooing, sterile vials are used in the storage, which ensures safety delivery, purity, and efficacy, thereby reducing the risk of infection from one client to the next.

Where Can I Buy Sterile Empty Vials

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What are the Features of a Sterile Empty Vial

These types of vials are made of glass. The reason being is that glass is largely non-reactive to different types of chemicals due to the inherently strong chemical bond between silicon and oxygen. 

Without getting too much into the science of it, it means that most manufactured glass is incredibly hard to break down on a chemical level. 

The recent worldwide pandemic has caused vaccine manufacturers to create medicines using bleeding-edge technologies. Vials that can transport medicines at temperatures well below zero degrees celsius over vast distances while maintaining product viability are integral.

They have a medical quality self-healing rubber lid that is fastened in place with a permanent metal, often aluminum or stainless steel ring that is clamped in place. Also, they are often pressurized positively or negatively depending on your need of the application of its contents, to ensure sterility and non-contamination through multiple uses.