Needles and Syringes

Needles and Syringes

BD, Sol Millennium, Exel Needles, & Syringes

You can order syringes and needles online in any combination—whether it's syringes only, syringe and needle combos, needles or 1cc and 1/2cc insulin needle and syringe combos.

Exel Products

We stock Exel insulin syringe and needle combos. The combos are latex-free, sterile, and non-toxic. We also stock Exel hypodermic needles. These needles are individually packaged, sterilized, and ready to use. If you need a standard set, order our Exel syringe and need combos online. They feature a 3cc syringe with a needle and luer lock tip syringe. The syringes in the combo sets are latex-free, sterile, non-toxic and pyrogen-free.

Sol Millennium Products

Sol Millennium’s SOL-M product line includes needle and syringe combos you can order online. Several Sol Millennium products come with SOL-GUARD technology (a safety guard on the syringe) included. The syringe also features a fixed needle to prevent the user from sharps injuries.

BD Products

You can also order BD syringes and needles online. We stock BD hypodermic needles, combos, and single syringe sets. The hypodermic needles and needle-syringe sets are general use, sterile needles. The BD Syringe only sets are available with or without an attached needle.