Sterile Empty Vials

For medical applications, sterile empty vials are crucial to preserving, storing, or mixing medications or chemical substances. Farris Labs offers 100% glass-made sterile empty vials suitable for all medical purposes.

Sterile empty vials are used for storing and dispensing sterile solutions. Vials can be filled with either liquids or powders, depending on the product and method of filling. All of the vials are made of glass. If you are in need of any products quickly, we offer same-day shipping on all in-stock products on orders placed by 2:00 p.m. CST. Have a question about our medical vials? Call 1-800-537-0411 Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST or send us an email to today!

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The Purpose of Sterile Empty Vials

Injectable drugs are often used for patients with difficulty swallowing pills or taking medication. Sterile empty vials are used to store and prepare these medications, protecting them from contamination. Medical professionals can safely mix liquid or powder medication in these glass bottles for injections.

Sterile empty vials are also used to transport various types of medications or samples, including injectables, vaccines, swabs, or cotton balls. These vials are designed to be airtight and leak-proof, ensuring the integrity of the contents. The sterile nature of these vials also helps prevent the growth of bacteria or other harmful microorganisms, which can compromise the safety and efficacy of the medication.

Sterile vials are mandatory for research and development laboratories to prevent contamination of the samples, potentially affecting the results' accuracy and reliability.

Farris Labs is determined to provide you the top-notch sterile empty vials. All our vials are suitable for medical use and are the safest and cleanest in the industry.

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