Sempermed Sterile Gloves

4.0 lb

Sempermed® Supreme Latex

Surgeons' hands are the most delicate instruments in the surgical suite. They need to be prepared. And protected. That's why we developed Sempermed® Supreme surgical gloves. These unique gloves are anatomically designed to reduce hand fatigue and increase comfort. They are powder-free to eliminate aerosolization and skin irritation. A special multi-layer copolymer composition provides optimal protection during surgery.



  • Powder-free
  • Eliminated aerosolization of glove powder
  • Multi-layer coating
  • Copolymer design offers comfort and ease of donning, wet or dry
  • Broad, anatomical design
  • Exceptional fit
  • Micro-rough surface
  • Provides an effective grip, wet or dry, while maintaining tactile sensitivity
  • Beaded cuff
  • Increased strength and protection
  • Size stamped on cuff
  • Easy to find proper glove size
  • Sterility indicator label on dispenser
  • Confirmation of sterility
  • 50 micrograms or less of total water-extractable protein per gram
  • Reduced potential for allergic reaction