Halyard Chemo360 Chemotherapy Procedure Gowns

4.0 lb
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SKU: 47346

Gear up for the fight now because there is no safe level of exposure to cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs for healthcare workers. New, stricter guidelines on hazardous drugs handling in a healthcare setting - USP 800 - applies to all healthcare personnel with no exceptions. Choose HALYARD* CHEMO360* Chemotherapy Procedure Gown to protect yourself against 52 chemotherapy drugs!

    • Tested against 52 chemotherapy drugs on fabric and seams
    • Meets USP 800 Guidelines
    • Fabric passed ASTM F1670 & F1671
    • Resistance against fluid and bloodbourne pathogen penetration
    • Polyethylene coasted spunbound fabric
    • Full back design with tape-tab neck closure
    • Knit cuff chemotherapy procedure gowns