Fluidshield Procedure Masks with Visor

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Fluidshield Level 3 Procedure Mask

When it comes to choosing the best face shield, the Fluidshield Level 3 Procedure Mask is the ultimate choice. It's got it all – comfort, functionality, and unbeatable barrier properties. 

Halyard Fluidshield ASTM level 2 and 3 masks with visor, #47147, #28821 and Precept #15310 ASTM level 3 mask with visor.  All masks are non-returnable.

  • Meets the ASTM F2100-11 Level 2 and 3 standard
  • Comfortable foam band at the top of the mask prevents eyewear from fogging
  • Level 3 earloop masks with SO SOFT* lining available for added comfort

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