What is a sterile vial and what are the features of sterile empty vials?

For quite a few reasons, you may need to mix your medications into an injectable substance. One reason could be to support a sick individual who struggles to swallow pills or take medications. Another reason could be to dilute or mix strong medications or drugs to reduce its effect on the body system. It could also be a situation where the medications are produced in powder form and should be mixed for easy intake. Hence, you may require a sterile empty vial to mix or keep medications in injectable form for the reasons mentioned above. I will like to congratulate you for visiting the site as it is the right place for you to get all the necessary information you need in purchasing a sterile vial.

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What is a Sterile empty vial?

Simply put, vials are small bottles used in preserving or mixing medications. They are also used in storing medications as either liquids, capsules, or powders. Aside from being used to store or mix medications, they are also used by laboratory scientists to keep chemical substances or newly discovered chemical compositions.

Due to obvious reasons such as preserving the authenticity and accuracy of laboratory findings, together with high sensitivity of drug intake, vials are to be kept sterile, safe, and clean. The reason is that contaminated equipment can alter laboratory findings and could also cause medications to result in harmful reactions in the body system. Due to our understanding of the importance of using good and high-quality sterile vials, at Farris Labs we stay true to our commitment to provide the best quality sterile vials for our clients.

What are Sterile empty vials used for?

Sterile vials are essential parts of clinical and laboratory activities. Medical practitioners and science laboratory workers are familiar with sterile vials and it is part of their daily operations. However, we shall group the functions of a sterile vial into three large buckets:

  • Mixing: Many medical practitioners use sterile vials for mixing medications. This is common when medications come in powder form and are to be converted to liquid form for easy usage. Rather than mixing in just any container, it is safe to mix medications in a sterile vial. In situations where the chemical composition of medication is strong, you can use a sterile vial to mix the medication before giving patients. Medications such as peptides, lidocaine, HCG, morphine, are mixed in sterile vials.
  • Preservation: The sterile vials are made of glasses. This is essential because glasses can help to preserve medications or chemical substances against climate changes or harsh weather conditions. As such, sterile vials are very useful in preserving chemical substances, highlighting the reason many pharmaceutical companies package some of their products in sterile vials.
  • Storing Injection: Due to its rubber seal and glass body, you can use sterile vials for mixing and storing injection solutions. You can easily penetrate through the rubber lead on the bottle. The firmness of the rubber lead on the bottle helps to avoid spillage or contaminations. Also, the glass bottle ensures your injection mixture has the same temperature till you finish it, thereby helping you avoid unnecessary wetness or dryness. 

Where can I buy sterile empty vials? 

At Farris Labs, we understand that customer needs are different and the purpose of purchasing sterile vials varies from one customer to the other. Thus, we have several types of sterile vials in stock. We keep an inventory of top sterile vial products by leading manufacturers including ALK – Abello, Barnstead, Cytiva, Crosstex, HiMedia, Nasco, Propper, Wheaton, among others. Our sterile vials come in different sizes and have different body features. For instance, we have sterile vials made of latex stoppers and transparent glasses which help to preserve the chemical substance at the best temperature. We also have sterile vials with aluminum seals which are best used for keeping or packaging liquid medications. Some sterile vials have thicker glass bodies while others are lighter. Our sterile vials are in different sizes, varying from 1 to 100 millimeters, while some of the sterile vials, especially Wheaton glasses, could be as big as 400 millimeters.

Beyond having the different sterile vials you need, we have an efficient shipping process. We have carefully developed a logistic system to ensure the fast and safe delivery of products to our clients anywhere across the globe. This, and our robust inventory level which gives us the ability to meet up with bulk demands, keeps us far ahead of our competitors. Hence, Farris Labs is your best plug if you truly desire the best and quality service delivery.

What are the features of sterile empty vials?

Sterile empty vials have similar body features. They are mostly a composition of a glass body and a seal. The glass body is mainly produced with a USP type 1 glass. This is because it is transparent, thick in nature, thereby making it a good fit for mixing medications. The seal can come in form of a rubber seal or aluminum. The rubber seal allows easy penetration of needles, while the aluminum seals help you to avoid spillage. In summary, sterile vials have the following body features:

  • Pyrogen free
  • Aluminum or rubber seal
  • Transparent glass body
  • Ranges from about 20 millimeter to 100 milliliter

While this article tries to capture vital information about sterile empty vials, we do not rule out the possibility that you may have further questions. Please note that we are mainly in business because we want to guide and help you procure the best sterile vials. Hence, feel free to reach out to us at Farris Labs, where we are more than happy to help!