Allergy Syringes & Trays

Allergy Syringes & Trays

Our inventory of allergy syringes includes: BD, Monoject, and Sol Millennium trays and mixing syringes.

Product Overview

Our BD and Sol Millennium syringes and trays are perfect for allergists, compounding pharmacies, or ENT’s.

Our Sol Millennium mixing syringes are extremely precise with a clear barrel, bold scale markings, and low dead space. Our BD allergy trays feature permanently attached regular and ID bevel PrecisionGlide needles. The trays come in different sizes and are ergonomically designed for the user.

The Monoject allergy trays are similar to the BD trays because the Monoject needles are permanently attached. The Monoject trays feature a regular bevel and allergist syringe specifically for allergy treatment.