Safety Syringe & Needles & Lancets

Safety Syringe & Needles & Lancets

Farris Laboratories stocks BD, Sol Millennium and Monoject Safety Needle & Syringe Combos and Safety Allergy Trays.


Our 1cc syringes with hypodermic safety needles feature safety devices designed to protect healthcare workers from accidentally sticking themselves with the needle. The pre-attached needle saves time and increases your practice's efficiency.

Monoject Safety Syringes

We also carry Monoject safety syringes and allergy trays. Our Monoject safety products are latex-free and feature a fixed safety shield. With the Monoject safety shield, you don’t have to remove the safety device. An audible click ensures the healthcare worker that the safety device is active.

Sol Millennium Safety Allergy and Flu Trays

Sol Millennium's SOL-CARE allergy safety syringe and flu trays feature a fixed needle. They are manually retractable safety syringes and specifically designed to protect the user from sharps injuries. Our Sol Millennium safety syringes and allergy trays come packaged as 25 syringes to a tray, 1,000 syringes per case.

BD Safety Allergy Trays

BD Safety Allergy Trays have the safety device built into the syringe. With these safety syringes and trays, you can choose to detach or permanently attach the needle found on the safety device. BD SafetyGuide Syringes are a great fit for insulin administration, TB tests and allergy medicine distribution.