Sempermed and Encore Sterile Surgical Gloves

4.0 lb

Sempermed® Supreme Sterile Surgical Gloves, Latex

Surgeons' hands are the most delicate instruments in the surgical suite. They need to be prepared and protected. That's why we carry Sempermed® Supreme surgical gloves. These unique gloves are anatomically designed to reduce hand fatigue and increase comfort. They are powder-free to eliminate aerosolization and skin irritation. A special multi-layer copolymer composition provides optimal protection during surgery.

Encore Orthopedic Sterile Surgical Gloves, Latex

  • Brown; Beaded Cuff; Powder-Free; Textured; Polymer coated for damp-hand donnability
  • Ultra-thick glove provides extra protection and strength during high-risk, trauma, and reconstructive procedures