Safety Allergy Trays - Monoject/Covidien

10.0 lb

Monoject Safety Allergy Trays, 20/tray, 40 trays /case, 800 syringes per case.

Monoject™ safety products are latex free.  • Needle-based safety technology • Intuitive, one-handed activation • Bevel orientation so if safety shield is up, the needle bevel is up • Self-leveling needle sheath. 

Monoject™ safety products include many innovative features:

• A choice of easy, one-handed activation methods that minimizes technique change and in-service time.

• A fixed safety shield that eliminates the ability to remove the safety device which increases OSHA compliance.

• An audible and tactile confirmation click that confirms the safety device has been activated for ultimate protection.

• Robust safety shield that completely encases the needle and remains in effect after disposal.

• Color coded hub to correspond with ISO standards.

• Manufactured in the United States.